Attending DNS seminar

Welcome Prospective Undergrad!

Thank you for your interest in the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS).  Please explore our entire site including undergraduate information, our four focus areas, research and public outreach, so you can get a good idea of who we are and the diverse opportunities we can offer you.   DNS is a division shared by the College of Human Ecology and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The Division of Nutritional Sciences offers coursework in biology, chemistry, humanities, social sciences and nutritional sciences providing a solid foundation whether your long-term interest is medicine, or a related health career such as fitness and sports, nutritional education, biochemistry, world food supply, or nutrition and food in business.  Opportunities for research are available to all students in both the laboratory and in the community.  

DNS offers three majors: Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS)Nutritional Sciences (NS), and Global & Public Health SciencesFor more information on the admissions process visit the Quick Links section below.

What would I do with a DNS degree?
About 40-50% of Human Biology, Health and Society (HBHS) major and 10-20% of Nutritional Sciences (NS) major graduates plan to attend medical school and other health profession schools including dental, nursing, and physical therapy.  About 30% of NS graduates plan to complete dietetic internships.  About 10-20% of seniors intend to go to graduate programs in many different fields and others enter the job market in areas as diverse as banking and the Peace Corps.