Enrollment Info for New Students majoring in Global & Public Health Sciences


A Message from Julia Felice, DNS Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dear New Students,

We are delighted to have you joining us in the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS). The DNS is home to the human health science majors at Cornell and includes students from three colleges. You are a student in the College of Human Ecology or College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and are majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS).

Soon after you arrive on campus, you will be assigned an academic advisor from the DNS faculty. Any questions you have about advising should be directed to that person. In the meantime, for the first term schedule, "Scheduling Advice for Freshmen" below will help you to choose courses. Please read it carefully to thoroughly understand your different options and choices. You can still make changes (add/drop) to your schedule during the first several days of classes.

If you have any further questions regarding the first term schedule, please contact Dr. Julia Felice (Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies, CHE Student Services Office, or the DNS academic affairs office.

Again, we welcome you to the Division of Nutritional Sciences and hope that you will let us be your HOME away from home...

Scheduling Advice for Freshmen:

First Term Schedule: You must enroll in a minimum 12 credits, not including PE and supplementary courses.

  1. NS 1600 Introduction to Public Health (3 cr): must take it this semester.
    Note: Incoming students will be auto-enrolled in this course by their college registrar.
  2. CHEM 2070 General Chemistry (4 cr)
  3. Introductory Biology (3-5 cr): BIOG 1500 and/or one lecture course (e.g. BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, or BIOG 1445). Click here for detailed information. May postpone to spring freshman year or sophomore year.
  4. First Year Writing Seminar (3 cr): College Distribution Requirement. CHE students must take this in fall freshman year.
  5. If biology classes are not taken in the freshman year, other college distribution requirement classes can be taken fall freshman semester.
  6. Physical Education (PE)
  7. Supplementary Courses (e.g. CHEM 1007. See below for more information about supplemental courses.)