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Employer Information

Cornell is a large and diverse university comprised of seven undergraduate colleges and several graduate and professional schools. Employers can meet and recruit students in several ways.

  1. They can work with the individual colleges to target students from specialized majors or with specialized interests.
  2. They can work with Cornell Career Services (CCS), the university-wide career office that provides access to students from all majors and colleges.
  3. They can set up schedules with both individual colleges and Cornell Career Services.

Human Ecology

Human Ecology is a unique college within Cornell that houses premier academic programs in the natural and social sciences, as well as in design and technology. It provides students with a strong liberal arts foundation that supports career-specific preparation in a small-college environment, utilizing the resources of a comprehensive Ivy League institution.

Human Ecology's Office of Career Development provides employers with the same personal and individualized attention that is given to our students. We assist employers in creating productive relationships with college faculty and students. Employer presentations in classrooms offer excellent venues for companies to increase their visibility and educate highly talented students about opportunities in their organizations.

Contact Human Ecology's Office of Student and Career Development at 607/255-2532 to:

  • schedule a visit to talk with faculty and counselors about Human Ecology programs, majors and students,
  • recruit students for internships or permanent positions,
  • post your positions in Human Ecology's weekly electronic newsletter

Human Ecology graduates are prepared for careers in business and management, medicine and health, law and public policy, and design and technology. Check our Postgraduate Surveys for detailed information.

CAMPS  (Human Ecology Career Alumni Mentoring Program) is a powerful mentoring and networking tool for Human Ecology students and alumni. Current students can use this database to connect with alumni regarding their careers and places of employment. Please encourage Human Ecology alumni in your organization to join.


Employers can meet and recruit students from all colleges through resources provided by Cornell Career Services including: