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Career Exploration

Human Ecology students can meet with professional career counselors on an individual basis in our Office of Career Development, 172 MVR, and can attend career workshops to explore their interests while gaining valuable career information. (Check the Human Ecology career calendar)

Students can also spend time in Human Ecology’s Career Exploration Center (CEC), 162 MVR, which is staffed by trained student career assistants and houses a career-related library.

Career Counseling

Counselors help students understand the connection between their academic life and personal career goals, and assist them in identifying valuable resources...

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Career Exploration Center

Human Ecology’s Career Exploration Center (CEC), located in 162 MVR, provides a comfortable and friendly environment for students to speak with trained student career assistants...

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Postgraduate Overview

Human Ecology graduates choose a variety of opportunities directly after graduation including immediate employment, graduate school, volunteering, travel, or taking time off to pursue their personal passions. The following data is taken from an annual Cornell survey.

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