Tracy Farrell


Tracy Farrell

Extension Associate
411 Savage Hall
Division of Nutritional Sciences
Phone: (607) 255-2620
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Curriculum Vitae
Biographical Statement:

Tracy Farrell is currently involved in projects to:

  • increase family access to fruits and vegetables through child care centers; and
  • scale-up Farm to School programs in NYS through extension educator leadership.



Current Research Activities:

Coordinating research aspects of the project Scaling-Up Farm to School in NYS through Extension Educator Leadership, including developing survey to determine Cornell Cooperative Extension's current involvement in farm to school efforts, assess interest in farm to school programming, and identify barriers to involvement and needs for training/ technical assistance.



Current Public Engagement Activities:

Coordinating project
Translating Research into Action: Community Strategies to Increase Working Parents Use of Fruits and Vegetables to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among preschool children who attend child care centers, and their families.

Managing project Scaling-Up Farm to School in New York State through Exension Educator Leadership to determine components of successful farm to school projects and effective roles for Extension educators.






MS 1984 - Cornell University, Nutrition
BS 1978 - University of Massachusetts, Nutrition
BA 1973 - Tufts University, Early Childhood Education

Selected Publications:

Devine C, Maley M, Farrell T, Warren B, Sadigov S, Carroll J.  Process Evaluation of an Environmental Walking and Healthy Eating Pilot in Small Rural Worksites. Evaluation and Program Planning 35 (2012), pp. 88-96 doi: 10.1016/j.evalprogplan.2011.08.002





Blake C, Wethington E, Farrell TJ, Bisogni C, Devine C.Behavioral contexts, food choice coping strategies, and dietary quality of a multiethnic sample of employed parents.Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2011;111(3):401-407.


Warren BS, Wakshlag JJ, Maley M, Farrell TJ, Struble AM, Panasevich MR, Wells MT. Use of pedometers to measure the relationship of dog walking to body condition score in obese and non-obese dogs. British Journal of Nutrition. 2011; 106:S85-S89.

Devine C, Farrell T, Blake C, Jastran M, Bisogni C, Wethington E. Work conditions and the food choice coping strategies of employed parents. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2009; 41: 365-370.

Blake C, Devine C, Wethington E, Jastran M, Farrell T., Bisogni, C. Employed parents’ satisfaction with food choice coping strategies: influence of gender and structure. Appetite. 2009; 52 711-719.

Jabs J, Devine C, Jastran M, Bisogni C, Farrell T, Jastran M, Wethington E. Trying to find the quickest way: Employed mothers’ constructions of time for food. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2007;39:18-25.

Devine C, Jastran M, Jabs J, Wethington E, Farrell T, and Bisogni C."A lot of sacrifices:” Work-family spillover and the food choice coping strategies of low wage employed parents. Social Science and Medicine. 2006 November; 63(10): 2591-2603.

Devine C, Farrell T, Hartman R. Sisters in Health: experiential program emphasizing social interaction increases fruit and vegetable intake among low-income adults. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2005;37:265-270.

Selected Keywords:

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