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Jeanne Moseley

Lecturer & Director, Global Health Program
B15 Savage Hall
Phone: (607) 254-6228
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Curriculum Vitae
Biographical Statement:

Jeanne Moseley is a Lecturer in the Division of Nutritional Sciences (DNS) and the Associate Director for the Global Health Program. The mission of the Global Health Program is to engage new researchers and practitioners in the field of global health and to establish new and unique research collaborations that will foster a multidisciplinary approach to solving global health problems. To achieve this mission, she works closely with Division faculty and undergraduate students from across the university to teach, develop and evaluate curriculum for the Global and Public Health Sciences (GPHS) Major and the undergraduate minor in Global Health.  She is the lead instructor for several DNS courses.

A critical component of the minor and major is that students must engage in an experiential learning opportunity where they are challenged to integrate and extend their academic knowledge in an applied public health setting so that they might better understand the complexity of global and public health issues.  Jeanne works closely with faculty in the Division and with faculty and staff of other Cornell colleges to develop global service learning (GSL) and internship programs and to facilitate student placement at international and domestic sites.   She is responsible for the direct administration and implementation of Global Health partnerships and summer programs in Tanzania and Zambia and supports the development and coordination of GSL programs in the Dominican Republic and India. Her current areas of interest are global and public health curriculum development, the pedagogy of global service learning and the critical dimensions of reciprocity in the context of international partnerships and collaborations.

Teaching and Advising Statement:

I approach teaching and advising in a collaborative and participatory manner.  I greatly value the feedback and contributions of students engaged in DNS global and public health programs and courses.  One of my aspirations as a teacher and a mentor at Cornell is to challenge my students to view the world with “new eyes” and to engage in a process of critical reflection.  Through the curriculum design of the GPHS Major and the Global Health Minor, particularly the expertiential learning component, it is my hope that students will have the opportunity to develop new ways of understanding and seeing the world as they become immersed in a new context, engage in service and research projects, build new relationships across cultures and come face to face with many of the complex global and public health problems and issues that they learn about in the classroom.  

Current Public Engagement Activities:


Global Service Learning Partnerships and Programs

I am actively engaged in the development, administration and implementation of innovative global service learning programs and partnerships with the following universities and organizations:

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Moshi Tanzania; community-engaged teaching and research (NS 4630-Global Health and Development Policy Issues in Tanzania)

Southern African Institute for Policy and Research, Lusaka, Zambia; collaborative global health summer program, with Institute for African Development and Industrial and Labor Relations School (ILR)

Swami Vivekenanda Youth Movement (SVYM), Mysore India; collaborative global health summer program, with ILR

ANDA, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic; collaborative global health summer program, with Committee on US and Latin American Relations (CUSLAR).

Student Leadership Training and Development

I am actively involved in the supervision, mentoring and training of student leaders in the global health program.  Global Health Program student assistants (Tanzania, Zambia, India and Dominican Republic) work closely with a teaching team, receiving mentorship throughout the academic year to build leadership skills. They receive training in facilitation of critical reflection, leadership, group development, intercultural competency, and risk management through a series of training seminars and workshops in the spring semester. They then have the opportunity to apply their training on campus as Teaching Assistants in our semester long country specific pre-departure seminars, and possibly travel back to the field with the next cohort of students as part of the program leadership team. This leadership role is an excellent opportunity for students to serve as near peer mentors and to engage in global service learning program and partnership development. 


Graduate Fellow, Center for Health, Culture, and Society, Emory University (2003)

Master of Public Health, Emory University (2002)

Bachelor of Arts, Emory University (1996)

Courses Taught:

NS 2600: Introduction to Global Health

NS 2610: Hot Topics in Global and Public Health

NS 4620: Global Service Learning Pre-Departure Seminar

NS 4630: Global Health, Development and Policy Issues in Tanzania

NS 4030: Teaching Apprenticeships for NS 2600 and NS 4620

NS 4000:  Directed Readings - Leadership in Global and Public Health

NS 4060: Experiential Learning in Global and Public Health Sciences 

Related Websites:

Global Health Program

Administrative Responsibilities:


Associate Director, Global Health Program

Member, DNS Curriculum Committee

Member, DNS Experiential Learning Committee

Member, Cornell University International Travel Advisory and Response Team (ITART)

VPIA Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grant  “Strengthening International Learning in the Global Health Program” (Lead Team Member)

VPIA Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grant "Expanding Pathways into the Global Health Program in the Dominican Republic" (Lead Team Member)

Engaged Curriculum Grant (Development Grant) - Global and Public Health Sciences Major (Grant Team Member)


Selected Keywords:
Global and Public Health, Global Service Learning, Engaged Learning, Student Leadership Development,International Education

The information on this bio page is taken from the CHE Annual Report.