Career Experiences for Students

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How Alumni Can Help

Our program is a comprehensive career mentoring, networking, and educational program designed to connect Human Ecology alumni with current students and provide students with a variety of resources for career discovery and information.

For more information about and to get involved in alumni/student mentoring & networking opportunities please contact the Human Ecology Alumni & Development office or 607-255 –7802.



LinkedIn Group
The LinkedIn Human Ecology Alumni Student Mentoring Group is provided for both alumni and students to join and make connections.  By joining this group you agree to be available for students and recent graduates to reach out to you for advice and mentoring, and willing to engage in a meaningful connection.  Join the LinkedIn HUMAN ECOLOGY ALUMNI STUDENT MENTORING GROUP today!

Through referrals, available alumni may be matched with a student for one-on-one mentoring.  If your career path is of particular interest to a student you will be contacted about setting up a mentoring connection.

Alumni may provide an opportunity in their place of business for either long-term paid internships or short-term, job shadowing externships. 


Virtual Networking
These new video and telephone conference career networking sessions related to specific industries and careers are open to alumni and students throughout the year.  More details will be coming later this Fall.

Career Panels, Classroom Presentations, and Office Hours
Alumni may offer their career experience when on campus by sharing their professional expertise on a panel, in a classroom, or by advising students on-one-one or in a small group setting. 


We invite alumni to let us know when you or your place of business has a job opening applicable for Human Ecology students or recent graduates.  You may submit the job posting on our LINKEDIN PAGE or by contacting us a or 607-255–7802.


For more information please contact the Human

Ecology Alumni Affairs & Development office or 607-255–7802.