Cornell University

Directions to HEB T01, 101, 201

The Human Ecology Building, HEB, has three conference rooms that can be reserved. The T01 room is on the Terrace level which is the floor that opens onto the Terrace and is at the same level with The Commons and the Courtyard. The HEB 101 space is on the first floor and the 201 space is on the second floor. All three of the spaces are directly to the left of the elevator in HEB on the various floors.

From the parking garage: the white parking garage elevator and stairs rise into the HEB. The T level is the ground floor. The yellow parking garage elevator and stairs exits on the Terrace which is across from the main entrance of the HEB.

From the west path to North Campus, four entrances: There are two easy routes to the HEB from the path on the west side of MVR that connects the North Campus and the Ag quad.  When walking north on this path from Bailey Hall towards Beebe Lake there are actually four entrances to the College. Ignore the first entrance that leads into the ground floor of MVR and the Human Development Department offices and the second entrance that leads to Martha's Café on the basement level.  

From the west path to North Campus, third entrance: The third entrance has a small portico hanging over the double doors. Come through the two sets of double doors and go straight through the lobby to the stairs. Do not go up the stairs, instead turn right and then in only a couple of more steps you will turn left and enter into the Commons.  On the far left of the Commons is a set of doors. Go out these doors and the main entrance to the HEB is directly across the Terrace.

From the west path to North Campus, fourth entrance: The fourth entrance takes you over the Bartter Family Bridge and onto the Terrace that joins the Commons with the Human Ecology Building. When you walk across the bridge you'll be facing the main entrance to the HEB.

From the south west entrance to MVR:  pass through the south west entrance foyer and into the hallway. The Admissions office will be across the hall. Turn left and go straight down the hall to the stairwell at the end of the hall. Take the stairs down one level to the G level and exit. Turn left into the hallway and then turn left again and go down that hallway towards G71 and G73. There is an open staircase on the right. Take these stairs one flight down to the B level and turn left and walk the short distance to doors on the left that lead into the Commons. Go into the Commons. In the far left end of the Commons there is a set of main doors that lead onto the Terrace. The HEB is across the Terrace from the Commons.